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Are there really any foods that genuinely help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol? As we said last week, the answer is a qualified yes. Can Miracle Foods Lower Cholesterol?

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The Heart Attack Risk You Probably Don't Know About (Part 1)

Imagine this: You go to your doctor for your annual check-up and he orders a cholesterol panel blood test to determine your cholesterol levels. When the test results come back, they show that your cholesterol levels are normal. Congratulations, your risk of heart attack is low! Right?
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Health Tip of the Day

To keep yourself mentally alert, you need to exercise your brain just as you need to exercise your body to keep physically fit. You can easily do so by engaging in mentally challenging activities you enjoy, such as chess, playing an instrument, or learning a new language. Being socially active and engaging in stimulating conversations with people whose company you enjoy is another fun way to keep your brain fit. Research has shown that people who regularly engage in such "brain fitness" activities throughout their lives are far less prone to develop mental and cognitive problems as they grow older.

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The next time you feel a cold coming on, try using the homeopathic remedy aconite to ward it off. Take four pellets under your tongue at least ten minutes before or 30 minutes after meals. Repeat at least four times during day. Read more health tips...
What is Syndrome X?
There are five parameters, or risk factors, that define Syndrome X, which is also known as Metabolic Syndrome, Reaves Syndrome, Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Dysmetabolic Syndrome, and "pre-diabetes." You must have three out of the five risk factors to be accurately diagnosed with Syndrome X. continued inside...

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