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Are you tired of making mental lists of all the fabulous foods that you aren't allowed to eat when you're losing weight? We've come up with a list of foods you can actually eat to lose weight. Eat More and Weigh Less

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A Little Known Secret For Restoring Gut Health

Although the idea of eating clay may not strike you as appealing, certain types of clay have been used for centuries because of the health benefits they provide. One type of clay in particular, known as smectite, is prized by over 200 cultures around the world because of its healing properties. In addition, many native (indigenous) healing traditions recommend eating a small amount of clay (approximately one teaspoon) once a day to help maintain good health. The practice of eating clay even has a medical name - geophagy. The practice of eating clay can also be observed among animals, many of which can be found rolling licking clay and around in clay beds when they are sick.
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Health Tip of the Day

Looking for the perfect exercise. For many people, the answer is swimming. Not only does swimming provide excellent aerobic benefits, it can also help increase your body's flexibility because of the rhythmic motions that it involves. For best results, try to swim in chlorine-free pools, since chlorine can dry out your skin and has been linked to cancer.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Here's a fun way to help keep your brain healthy as you age. Learn a new language. In a recent study conducted in Canada, researchers found that people who speak more than one language were able to prevent the onset of dementia an average of four years longer than people who only speak one language. Read more health tips...
Experiencing Sporadic Night Sweats
If you are otherwise healthy, adding phytoestrogens to your diet could easily help your pre-menopausal symptoms. Have you stopped menstruating altogether? Did your mother experience an early menopause? If yes, then start by adding red clover, chaste berry and soy isoflavones. continued inside...

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