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Could that stick of gum be sabotaging your diet?

It's a scary thought, but even something as benign as your chewing gum habit could be packing 100-plus calories onto your daily diet. Surprising Small Things that Can Ruin your Diet

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The Link Between Heart Disease, Cancer and Your Emotions

Research in the field of mind/body medicine conducted by scientists such as Dr. Hans Eysenck shows that approximately 99 percent of the people who die of cancer (as well as heart disease) suffer from chronic, serious depression, anger or a combination of both emotions.
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Health Tip of the Day

Here's a quick way to balance out your body's organ systems and improve your mood and energy levels. Starting at the lobe of each ear, gently yet firmly squeeze your ears, working up incrementally all the way to their upper rim area. Then slowly reverse direction and continue back down to your ear lobes. According to the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the rim of the ear contains meridian points for all of your body's organ systems. Applying gentle, yet firm pressure along the rims of your ears has the effect of balancing these energy meridians, very similar to what occurs during an acupuncture treatment. Try performing this exercise 3 or 4 times a day and notice how you feel afterwards.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Are you having trouble losing weight? If so, try eating two eggs for breakfast instead of carbohydrate-rich breakfast foods. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that eating two eggs for breakfast instead of carbs helps study participants lose 65 percent more weight, and also improved the participants' energy levels. One of the reasons for such improvements is the fact that eggs, while rich in protein, are low in calories, yet eating eggs leads to feelings of fullness faster than carbohydrate foods. Read more health tips...
What Can be Done for Fibromyalgia
FMS (fibromyalgia) is deeply connected to sleep disorders. Make certain the quality of your sleep is excellent before embarking on a rigorous exercise program. Look for an exercise program that includes time in the water initially. Also, consider beginner's level yoga, which will address the pain and lack of energy you feel. continued inside...

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