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For thousands of years, people have searched for the meaning and beauty of life in music, painting, poetry and other arts. Now scientists are finding that the arts can benefit both your mental and physical health. More than a Feeling

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Why Garlic Is So Good for Your Heart and Your Health in General

Garlic has long been prized by herbalists and other natural healers around the world because of the many health benefits it offers. Healers in traditions as diverse as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayruveda (the traditional system of medicine used in India and other countries in southeastern Asia), and European and Amerindian herbology all include garlic in their lists of most useful herbs, and have done so for many centuries. In fact, garlic has been extolled as health food for at least 4,000 years.
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Health Tip of the Day

Are you prone to mild episodes of anxiety or depression? If so, the solution to your problem may be as simple as a short course of exercise. That's because exercise boosts the production of endorphins and other "mood modifying" chemicals in the brain. This fact was documented in a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology that showed that regular exercise resulted in a marked reduction of anxiety and depression among the study's participants.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Here's a quick and natural way to nip lip cold sores in the bud. The next time you experience the onset of a cold sore on your lip, dab a bit of tea tree oil on the affected area. Doing so will help keep the infection from spreading while simultaneously speeding recovery by healing the affected area. Read more health tips...
Coronary Artery Disease Risk?
It would be very unusual for you at age 34 to develop coronary artery disease. Even if you were a smoker who never exercised and also happened to be a diabetic. While pain in the area under the left breast is often associated with heart problems, it can also be simple anxiety, muscle tension or strain. continued inside...

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