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Let's be honest, guys. We all know that, as we get older, "getting it up" isn't always as easy as it was when we were younger. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to maintain your sexual stamina throughout your life? Eat These Foods To Boost Your Sex Drive

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Coenzyme Q10: An Often Overlooked Essential Nutrient

Most likely you've heard that that the nutrient coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is good for your heart. It is. But its health-promoting properties don't stop there. In fact, without CoQ10, your body's ability to produce and maintain energy at the cellular level would be severely impaired. As it is, many people are deficient in CoQ10, and most of them don't know it. As a result, as you'll soon learn from reading the rest of this article, they are not only at serious risk for developing heart problems, but also a variety of other serious diseases.
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Health Tip of the Day

Do you enjoy eating potato salad? If so, you should know that potatoes, while being rich in a variety of nutrients, including vitamin C if you eat the skin, can also have a very high glycemic index, depending on how they are prepared. Foods with a high glycemic index are known to cause spikes of insulin in the body after they are consumed, which can in turn lead to drops in energy, as well as health problems if high glyceminc foods are eaten on a regular basis. To avoid this problem when eating potato salad, before you do so, set it in your refrigerator for ten minutes. Researches have found that doing so dramatically reduces the glycemic index of potatoes.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Here's a tip to deal with unsightly rashes characterized by small, itchy red bumps. Such rashes are known as folliculitis and are caused by bacteria that become trapped in hair follicles on the skin, causing them to become inflamed. To treat folliculitis, try mixing one part white vinegar to four parts lukewarm water. Soak a clean towel in this solution, then wring it out and apply it as a compress to the affected area of your body for 20 minutes. In most cases, soothing relief will follow after only one or two applications. Read more health tips...
Pain-free Swollen Knuckles
You are describing Heberden's nodes, which are the result of ongoing osteoarthritis. Some of these changes are in fact inherited. However, know that the swelling will most likely not persist. It may start and stop over a lifetime and then finally stay. continued inside...

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