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Beer, wine, whiskey and more: Moderate drinkers live longer than both abstainers and overconsumers, but which drink is best for your health? A Drink a Day Keeps the Health Coach Away?

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Why Garlic Is So Good for Your Heart and Your Health in General

Garlic has long been prized by herbalists and other natural healers around the world because of the many health benefits it offers. Healers in traditions as diverse as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayruveda (the traditional system of medicine used in India and other countries in southeastern Asia), and European and Amerindian herbology all include garlic in their lists of most useful herbs, and have done so for many centuries. In fact, garlic has been extolled as health food for at least 4,000 years.
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Health Tip of the Day

Here's another tip for getting a good night's sleep: Pay attention to what you do starting in the middle of the afternoon. To improve sleep, avoid drinking coffee or other caffeine beverages past 3 pm. Also avoid taking naps past 3 pm, as late naps can also keep you awake at night. Making lunch, instead of supper, your biggest meal, can also help promote better sleep, since having to digest a big meal in the evening can interfere with sleep.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Here's a very easy and appealing way to ensure that you are getting a wide range of nutrients each day. Eat at least two different-colored fruits and vegetables with every meal. The more colorful your fruit and vegetable selections are, the more of a range of nutrients you will obtain from them because different nutrients give different colors to fruits and vegetables. Read more health tips...
Experiencing Sporadic Night Sweats
If you are otherwise healthy, adding phytoestrogens to your diet could easily help your pre-menopausal symptoms. Have you stopped menstruating altogether? Did your mother experience an early menopause? If yes, then start by adding red clover, chaste berry and soy isoflavones. continued inside...

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