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A romantic dinner can put you in the mood for love; not just because of the intimacy created by candlelight and soft music, but because foods have historically played a part in our sexuality. Libido Increasing Munchies

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Improve Your Metabolism and Shed Excess Pounds

One of the keys to having more energy and preventing or shedding excess weight gain is a healthy metabolism. Simply put, your metabolism to how much energy you use up each day, as measured by how many calories you burn. The more efficient your metabolism is, the more efficiently you will burn up calories.
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Health Tip of the Day

Does your child suffer from frequent ear infections? If so, you may be able to reduce their occurrence or eliminate them altogether by giving your child a massage. Here's what to do: Starting at the front of the neck, near the collarbone, gently massage the lymph glands that run along both sides of the neck. Use a circular motion as you massage and take your time. When you reach the jaw area, reverse direction and massage back down towards the collarbone. By performing this massage on a regular basis, you will help your child's body to clear away blockages in the lymphatic system and eliminate mucus fluids, both of which can cuase ear infections. This method can also be used to ease symptoms of sinus congestion.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Contrary to popular belief, the best food sources of calcium are not dairy foods. They're green foods. Kale, in particular, is an especially rich source of calcium. So, to ensure that your body is getting enough calcium, rather than reaching for dairy products, load up on green foods, instead. Read more health tips...
What's Up With My High Triglycerides?
Simply put, triglycerides are a normally-occurring type of fat in your body. In fact, they are the most common type of body fat and are also present in your blood. Triglycerides are also the most prevalent form of fat found in foods. continued inside...

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