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We share a complicated relationship with bacteria. Too much bacteria can make us very ill, but too little can also make us more vulnerable to illness. Understanding Probiotics

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Understanding Your Body's Healing System - Part 2

According to Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, seven core healing systems maintain our bodies' strength and vitality, with all illness being directly due to weaknesses in one or more of these systems. Recognizing the importance of these systems allows physicians to focus on the source of disease instead of merely treating symptoms. At the same time, it makes it easier to promote overall good health, improve underlying systemic weaknesses or imbalances, and prevent disease recurrence. Moreover, understanding what these systems are and how they work also empowers the individual to take practical responsibility for his or her own health through adoption of proper diet, nutritional supplementation, and a healthy lifestyle.
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Health Tip of the Day

To reduce daily stress buildup, try starting each day by giving someone you love a hug. Research has shown that this simple act can set the tone for a more positive outlook throughout the day and increase feelings of calm, even when exposed to potentially stressful situations. Hugs have also been shown to increase levels of immune boosting chemicals in the body, as well.

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Here's a simple and effective way to help you shed unwanted pounds. Begin lunch and dinner with a mixed. Not only will doing so help to ensure that you get your daily quota of fresh vegetables, it will also reduce your appetite for higher calorie foods during the same meals, making weight loss easier. Read more health tips...
What's Up With My High Triglycerides?
Simply put, triglycerides are a normally-occurring type of fat in your body. In fact, they are the most common type of body fat and are also present in your blood. Triglycerides are also the most prevalent form of fat found in foods. continued inside...

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