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Beer, wine, whiskey and more: Moderate drinkers live longer than both abstainers and overconsumers, but which drink is best for your health? A Drink a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

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The Link Between Heart Disease, Cancer and Your Emotions

Research in the field of mind/body medicine conducted by scientists such as Dr. Hans Eysenck shows that approximately 99 percent of the people who die of cancer (as well as heart disease) suffer from chronic, serious depression, anger or a combination of both emotions.
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Health Tip of the Day

Do you suffer from PMS? Then you might want to consider using the herb chaste berry (also known as Vitex agnus-castex). This traditional herb is widely used by women throughout Asia and Europe to prevent and relief symptoms of PMS, and its benefits in this area have also been substantiated by research. In one study, published in the British Medical Journal, researchers ffound that dried chaste beery extract significantly reduced all symptoms of PMS except bloating. Caution: Should you decide to use chaste berry, be sure to first inform your doctor about your decision.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Does your child suffer from frequent ear infections? If so, you may be able to reduce their occurrence or eliminate them altogether by giving your child a massage. Here's what to do: Starting at the front of the neck, near the collarbone, gently massage the lymph glands that run along both sides of the neck. Use a circular motion as you massage and take your time. When you reach the jaw area, reverse direction and massage back down towards the collarbone. By performing this massage on a regular basis, you will help your child's body to clear away blockages in the lymphatic system and eliminate mucus fluids, both of which can cuase ear infections. This method can also be used to ease symptoms of sinus congestion. Read more health tips...
What Can be Done for GERD?
GERD, which stands for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, is becoming increasingly common in the United States. GERD is also referred to simply as acid reflux and heartburn. People with GERD frequently experience the liquid contents of their stomach backing up (refluxing) into their esophagus. continued inside...

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