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Beer, wine, whiskey and more: Moderate drinkers live longer than both abstainers and overconsumers, but which drink is best for your health? A Drink a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

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Improve Your Metabolism and Shed Excess Pounds

One of the keys to having more energy and preventing or shedding excess weight gain is a healthy metabolism. Simply put, your metabolism to how much energy you use up each day, as measured by how many calories you burn. The more efficient your metabolism is, the more efficiently you will burn up calories.
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Health Tip of the Day

Do you live in a residence built before 1986? If so, you ought to get your tap water tested for possible lead contamination. That's because most homes and apartment complexes built before 1986 have lead piping, which can cause lead to leech into your home water supply. To find out where to have your tap water tested, contact your local water board.

Yesterday's Health Tip

By now, you probably know that it's a good idea to choose fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as often as you can, instead of commercially raised crops. But did you know that even organic foods may still contain things on their surface that are not healthy for you? To protect yourself, get in the habit of washing your fruits and vegetables once you bring them home. Here's a simple and effective, natural solution you can use to clean them. In a bowl of basin of water (one quart), add two tablespoons of salt and four teaspoons of lemon juice. Soak most vegetables in this solution for five to ten minutes. Exceptions include berries and green leafy vegetables, which only need to be soaked for one to two minutes. After soaking, rinse your fruits and vegetables in cold water, then dry them and refrigerate what you aren't going to eat right then. Read more health tips...
Pain-free Swollen Knuckles
You are describing Heberden's nodes, which are the result of ongoing osteoarthritis. Some of these changes are in fact inherited. However, know that the swelling will most likely not persist. It may start and stop over a lifetime and then finally stay. continued inside...

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