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Are there really any foods that genuinely help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol? As we said last week, the answer is a qualified yes. Can Miracle Foods Lower Cholesterol?

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Do You Suffer from Hidden Allergies?

The term "allergy" refers to an exaggerated or unusual response by the body to substances that are harmless, and even helpful, to most other people. According to most practitioners of holistic medicine, the incidence of allergies is much higher than is commonly believed, but in many cases allergies are merely nuisances. But for other people, contact with a substance they are allergic to can produce toxins in the body that can result in a host of health conditions, many of them quite severe. Unfortunately, the majority of allergy sufferers tend to be unaware that they are allergic in the first place, or else they are unable to identify the substance(s) causing their allergic response.
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Health Tip of the Day

Did you know that the best time to wash produce is not right after you get home from the grocery store or market? Doing so leaves your produce moist, which makes it easier for mold and other microorganisms to grow on it while it is stored in your refrigerator. To prevent this from happening, get in the habit of washing produce right before you are ready to eat it.

Yesterday's Health Tip

Do you regularly find yourself feeling tired in the afternoons? If so, take a ten-minute break and take a walk outside. Being outside in sunlight and breathing fresh air can do wonders for "recharging your batteries" whenever drowsiness comes calling. Read more health tips...
Experiencing Sporadic Night Sweats
If you are otherwise healthy, adding phytoestrogens to your diet could easily help your pre-menopausal symptoms. Have you stopped menstruating altogether? Did your mother experience an early menopause? If yes, then start by adding red clover, chaste berry and soy isoflavones. continued inside...

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